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We are bringing together all available resources and organizations to provide a "school choice for all" program where all families have the opportunity to learn the skills of entrepreneurship, health, character, civics and job skills - all critical to realizing the American Dream.

This helps those families AND it helps America become even greater.

It's Time we got to the Root of the Problems out there on our Streets...

Our kids are not Learning the Skills that help them be Good Americans that Realize the

American Dream

We are the adults in the room.​

We are responsible to train up the next generation to carry the torch of the "American Dream".

From the looks of what we are seeing on our streets - we're seeing the results of decades of poor education.

We need to change how and what our kids are learning.

We now have the technology and disruption models (ie Amazon, Apple, etc) to go direct to our kids with a learning platform that will help them learn the life-skills of success and take part in the American Dream.

Our kids and grandkids are counting on us doing the right thing.

Here's what we've created as a solution and what you can do to help...

The Objectives

The US Home Learning Agency has the following objectives:

  • Provide a “school choice for All Black kids” program that will motivate an additional 10% of the Black vote to go for the GOP – becoming a major factor in the re-election of President Trump

  • In addition to school choice for Black kids, the Agency provides that same choice to all kids

  • Create a complimentary education program that will counter the effects of the virus and the Left trying to politicize the virus – thus putting the GOP on the Mom’s side of the issue – wanting to do what is best for the kids

  • Take the wasted $15 Billion every year on Title 1 students and put that directly to their benefit with a program that helps them overcome the achievement gap – delivering what the law was originally intended to deliver

  • Provide primary school age kids the opportunity to enroll in university or trade school to learn and experience the critical work skills of success

  • By the end of 2020, launch the US Home Learning App for middle, high school and college students that motivates them to learn and practice the life-skills of success on a daily basis


THE 2022 GOAL:

  • 20 million families enrolled in the free and premium version of AmericaU and learning how to live the American Dream




In principle, it's simple. We use technology to go directly to the learner just like Twitter, Amazon, and iTunes and many others have used tech to bypass the “middleman”. However, the execution is challenging; the appropriate technology and distribution models are needed.

Fortunately, we’ve got the technology aspect covered! We’ve developed an app called AmericaU that is a kid/family-driven, game-based “university for kids” that motivates them to learn wealth creation (entrepreneurship), positive health habits, virtuous character, life skills,  trade skills, and American patriotism. It’s specifically designed to go straight to the child and their parents/grandparents without requiring a school teacher or classroom.

As far as the distribution, this is where government, organizations and individuals come in - this will become a viral cause - especially relevant given the state of our country right now with many people and organizations politicizing the virus and using our children as "pawns".

In the early days of JFK’s presidency, he announced the country's  “Moonshot” – America’s commitment to be the first country to send a man to the moon. At the time, this idea was generally viewed as impossible. However, this ambitious endeavor ultimately united the country and became a catalytic mechanism that motivated people and organizations to venture out of their comfort zones.


Consequently, the American spirit of innovation, ingenuity, and patriotism led to the moonshot mission being accomplished.


We find ourself surrounded by some significant domestic and foreign problems. Nevertheless, we have the ability to solve them. We can unite the country around the creation of solutions to those problems. In other words, this can be our “Moonshot” moment - providing opportunities for all kids to learn how to be American and realize the American Dream - a very real and relevant form of "school choice".

Here’s a potential statement from President Trump and other political and corporate leaders from both sides of the isle, to announce America’s new Moonshot - "School Choice for All":

“We sent a man to the moon and will eventually send one to Mars – but our real Moonshot is right here at home. We will help every American child and their family choose how they will learn how to realize the American Dream – which is ensuring equal opportunity to freedom, prosperity, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Using our AmericaU technology and channeling Title 1 funds to continue to develop more content and curriculum into the app (ie the Woodson Center's 1776 history and Violence Free Zones curriculum, the Mike Rowe SWEAT curriculum, virtual trade "junior apprenticeships" for primary schoolkids, the Kauffman Foundation Entrepreneurship for Kids curriculum, and many other great organizations that teach "American" skills not being taught in our schools). 

See the great work that Bob Woodson at the

Woodson Center (

has been doing in At-Risk communities for decades -

we're bringing this to millions more kids.

The Mike Rowe Works Foundation (Dirty Jobs -

has relentlessly spoken about the gainful

employment opportunities in the trades and

the 7 million open jobs. Their S.W.E.A.T. Pledge

is something we are integrating into our

Entrepreneurship training for kids.

The Kauffman Foundation (

started Global Entrepreneurship Week that has

20 million participants every year with over

20,000 organizations. We have integrated their

"kids entrepreneurship" curriculum into our platform. 

As we scale up our campaign, we will be donating to each of these organizations so they can continue and expand their great work.

See for more info

on the learning platform.

Our model is extremely scalable and proven to motivate kids and their families to learn something that they’re not being taught in school or the media: how to become a great American.

Our target audience will be the 50 million K-12 students and their families, and the 20 million college students plus their families.

Of the 50 million K-12 students, there are 20 million Title 1 kids. They are currently allocated about $15 billion yearly for supplemental education. Our goal would be to get $10 Billion of that $15B allocated to training those 20 million Title 1 kids how to be successful and work smart AND hard.

We are currently working with HUD in DC to get direct access to those At-Risk kids in their housing developments, as well as direct access into the 8700 Opportunity Zones across the country.

Changing the tragectory of the lives of 20 million of our highest risk kids, will change the tragectory of this country.

For the Moonshot to be successful, funding is paramount. It’s undeniably a huge undertaking, but the funds need to be available to compensate the parties who are actually doing the work. Currently, the government is wastefully spending the funds on programs such as Title 1. We definitely will manage and apply those funds more responsibly.

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The Solution

What Can You Do?

CALL TO ACTION: Grandparents, parents and governments need to step up to the plate and provide better learning opportunities for the kids.

We need you to step up and join us in fixing this problem - this is what Americans do. We've made it real simple for you - you can either provide a "university scholarship" at AmericaU for your grandchild, or for someone else's grandchild that can't afford it.​

  1. My Grandchild: for $500/yr (annual payment) or $50/month (monthly payment), we will ensure your grandchild learns the critical life-skills such as how to create wealth (entrepreneurship and trades), health, character and becoming a patriotic citizen. We will also improve the connection between you and your grandchild and help you become very relevant in their digital world. After your grandchild completes their first year of learning, we will provide you with $500 worth of stock in our company that you can gift to your grandchild to enhance their journey of wealth creation as they help increase the value of the company that is educating them.

  2. Someone else's Grandchild: we will do the same thing for someone else's grandchild with your generous scholarship donation to their education.


grandchild you help educate, we will add a Title 1

student to the scholarship on behalf of President

Trump and the GOP. There are 20 million Title 1

students (at or near poverty level) that do not get a

fair education. This is how we solve the "Black Lives

Matter" problem and others, by helping people help themselves. 


You and your sponsored grandchild will become an active part of the solution that is speaking with their actions - by educating the upcoming generation.

BONUS #2 - the teenager life-skills training app for middle and high school students who need more life-skills, entrepreneurship, trades and real civics/history training. This app is currently in development and will be launched at the end of 2020. Every grandparent that sponsors our primary students will receive this game-based learning app at no additional cost for all of their teenage grandchildren. This is the app that will help straighten out your grandkids before they head off to college.

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The Solution


It starts today with funding your 7-12 yr old grandchild (or someone else's) to join the "American Dream Moonshot".

Choose below which program you will contribute to our  grandchildren and our country.

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When you fund a scholarship for your grandchild, we take that very seriously and at any time if you or your grandchild are not satisfied with the program, we will refund 100% of the money back to you.

You will be able to see exactly (and in real time) how your dollars are benefiting the kids, their families and our country.

My Grandchild

  • One full year of tuition at AmericaU
  • A Certificate of Entrepreneurship from a leading University
  • You will recieve $500 of stock in the company that is educating your grandchild after they have completed their first year - and you can gift it to them if you like
  • Mentoring by trusted adults
  • An additional student (Title 1) the same age as your grandchild added as a team mate - your Grandchild becomes a mentor
  • Family connection app for you and your family to get involved in the education of your grandchild
  • Numerous rewards and incentives throughout the year
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Someone Else's Grandchild

  • Same benefits as above

Custom Donation​

  • Your donation will be distributed to kids who don't have grandparents funding their education. They will receive all the same benefits as if you were funding your own grandchild.
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