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We are using our world leading kid-driven, game-based learning platform to help young primary school age students experience 21st century careers.

We will focus alot of attention on the trade careers, as many times those get left out of the conversation of 21st century careers.

We will be donating 100,000 $500/year scholarships to "union families" with primary school age kids. This daily learning exercise will help them learn about and experience the many different trades and drive interest in pursuing those trades.

This is how we grow a better prepared and prosperous labor movement for generations.

"Other than the Military, the Labor movement prepares & trains more People every year than any other entity out there." (Richard Trumka, President AFL-CIO)

We can start that training for each of the 25 million primary school students in a game-based learning platform that they do after school hours.

We now have the technology and self-driven learning models to go direct to our kids with a learning platform that will help those kids and their families learn the career and life-skills of success.

Using mobile and learning technologies, we can do this on a scale never before imagined. 

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We’ve developed an app called AmericaU (over 10 million students and counting) that is a kid/family-driven, game-based “university for kids” that motivates them to learn wealth creation (entrepreneurship), positive health habits, character, life and trade skills. It’s specifically designed to go straight to the child and their parents/grandparents without requiring a school teacher or classroom.

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The Solution

It helps schools and teachers do a better job at preparing our kids for the future workplace, and ultimately helps the kids become successful workers.

We work with government, non-profit and for-profit organizations, and individuals to get the app out to the families.

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These are the new CTE careers that replace the outdated ones that were created decades ago. Things have and will continue to change...

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We work with organizations like the Kauffman Foundation ( that started Global Entrepreneurship Week that has

20 million participants every year with over 20,000 organizations. We have integrated their "kids entrepreneurship" curriculum into our platform. 

See for more info

on the learning platform.

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We will work with different trade unions to create elementary trade career experiences for primary school kids - but learning experiences that help them earn actual "junior apprenticeship" certificates.