How Do Kids and Families Learn?


We have spent many years and many millions of dollars building the world leading kid and family driven, game-based learning platform.


Over those years we've taught over 10 million primary school age kids from around the world - with many of them joined by a parent.


We've been hired by Fortune 1000 companies and government organizations like the US Dept of Justice. Harvard University has researched and published the success of our learning platform.


This stuff works.


We have developed two apps that power AmericaU: 

  1. Woogi Create: the kid-driven, game-based learning platform that teaches in-depth 21st century skills - like Minecraft for life-skills learning.

  2. AmericaU: the family-driven learning platform that teaches habits and problem solving together as a family.

Both Apps are driven by the principle of "learning to earn", where the student is required to use the app to learn life-skills in order to earn the priviledge of having the phone. 


From the start of the child's use of technology, they need to be taught that technology is a privilege that is earned each day, and one that is monitored and controlled by the parents who are paying for it.



The parent or child signs up first and creates the family group chat and invites the other family members.


The child is automatically invited to download and play Woogi Create with team mates from around the world.


Habit Development:

The daily tasks and problem solving exercises are designed to help the child and their family members develop habits of success. Parents, other family members and grandparents can view the child's progress as everyone is encouraged to complete the "daily task" and "daily riddle" as they communicate and work with each other.


Daily Task: 

This is based on the science of habits and the powerful force they are in one's success. Through consistent small and daily tasks, the habits of success will be formed for the child and their family.


Daily Riddle:

Throughout our history, riddles have been a very effective way for people to exercise their brain in such a way as to help them become great problem solvers. Our schools are desperately trying to figure out how to teach critical thinking and problem solving, and the answer is staring right at them with thousands of years of success - simply solve a riddle a day. 


Family Chat and Mentoring:

This is the first chat app your child should ever use - its private, safe, secure and is 100% focused on creating better family connections through life-skills learning and mentoring. There's even some special functions that allow grandparents to do more mentoring and passing along their experience and builidng on their own legacy.

Woogi Create

Kids love to play video games and we've tapped into that desire to play and married it with the importance of learning something worthwhile. We have created a game with similar game-play as Minecraft and Fortnite and blended in critical life-skills learning. With just 30 or so minutes a day, the child's traditional learning day will be supplemented with some of the most effective life-skills learning on the planet - a "life-skills simulator".


Global Villages:

When the kids register in Daily Vitals and join their family group, they are automatically assigned to a village in Woogi Create where students from all around the world work together to learn and practice these skills. A US based college mentor is also a part of that village as the mayor that organizes activities and mentors the kids.



Even though the skills of creating wealth is one of the most sought after skills in countries around the world, the public school systems just aren't providing the opportunities to learn. The kids in the game choose many different business opportunities and work to make them successful in the games "real-world" economy. They succeed and fail and learn along the way and then take those skills into their real world lives. We are working with some universities to accredit this learning in an official unversity certificate program.


Good Character:

One of the foundational pillars of any successful society is good character. The world is in desperate need to good character based leaders. Everyone benefits - the person, their family, their community and their country.


Good Health:

The optimal time to learn good health habits is before you turn 12, rather than spending the last part of your life trying to regain your health. Its much better to experience the consequences of poor health choices virtually rather than having to live them in real life.

The learning happens because its relevant to the child and they want to do it.gether as a family.

With millions of hours of learning under our belt, we know a thing or two about motivating kids and their families to learn critical life-skills.

Downloads of Research from Past Projects

Wyoming district pilot results for summer program with Title 1 students (PDF)

Harvard research of our US Dept of Justice program with over 2 million kids and 1.3 million parents - published in the "Games for Health" journal