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We like to call our special needs kids, "heroic kids" for the courage they (and their parents) demonstrate day in and day out.

This education crisis we face, might just be an opportunity to create a better system that educates ALL kids properly.


We help your child learn critical life-skills in our kid-driven, game-based "life simulator". They become a great example to other families how this new system of "life-skills" training actually works and how they can participate.

Eventually everyone benefits from the leadership of you and your child showing how being "different" isn't a bad thing, but is actually a universal trait in all kids in some way or another.

We are helping build an education system that celebrates and supports "different", and provides the tools for every different learner to thrive.

Supporting our children now when they need us the most, will not only help them, but also help our education system become better.

Our Education System is in a Crisis and our Kids are Suffering.

You & your Child know a Thing or Two about Hardship.


You Have a Gift that can Inspire our Whole Education System.

We Invite You and Your Heroic Child to Join Us...

Families are losing confidence in the education system. They are realizing they need to be more responsible for the education of their child - they need to supplement the life-skills learning, not only while their kids are in school but also when they aren't able to go to school - such as today.


Nowhere is this more prevalent than in families with special needs children.

Our AmericaU life-skills learning platform has already engaged over 10 million students in learning around the world - with no requirement for a teacher or classroom time.


It's like a "life simulator" university program for primary school kids, that teaches resilience and life-skills in just 30-60 minutes per day of fun learning - and its 100% free to your family.

Here's a summary of what AmericaU does and how it benefits the kids. 

You can go to www.AmericaU.com to find out more.

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Your Child is a Superhero

When your child registers for AmericaU, they will become a superhero through their online avatar. They learn and master life-skills by developing their superpowers in the game and in real life.

They will become a showcase of how different kids can learn critical life-skills on their own.

The role of superheroes is one of the major ones while growing up. Every child has a favorite idol with supernatural abilities whose primary goal is to save the world from the evil that surrounds it.

Most parents consider this habit as a completely natural part of childhood, not knowing that this idolization actually holds much more relevance than simple admiration.

Certain studies have showed that superheroes have a significant role in children’s lives, especially when they are still quite young as it can greatly influence a child’s development process.

The Life Simulator

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The game is like Minecraft with critical life-skills learning built in. Its fun for the kids and provides real-time assessment and skills mapping for the teachers and parents.

These are the learning outcomes and components of the AmericaU platform:

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A Testimonial

Here's a testimonial from one of the parents of a couple autistic kids that were using our regular version of AmericaU (the kids app is called Woogi Create): 

“My children attend Suncrest Elementary. I was reading over FAQ and realized there will be an expiration date.


Is there a way I can let my children continue going to Woogi Create for a few years? Both of them have high functioning autism; performing exceptionally well in academics while struggling with basic social skills.


They have learned so much about appropriate interactions with peers with this program. Woogi gives them exact rules, constant repetition, and direct feedback that they need.


Not only can I allow them to use the internet less supervised, (they no longer "obey" the pop-up ads or invitations to chat; they communicate their online activities clearly to me) but they apply some Woogi lessons to life away from the computer. They have a clearer understanding of what is "garbage" talk on the playground, plus fresh ideas of what good friends CAN talk about. If you are not familiar with autism, let me just say these are absolutely amazing results.


They will not learn all they can in a year, because each "global chat" with other woogies gives them new experiences. We would suffer a big loss here if they could no longer access Woogi. Is there a way to continue the service? It is something I am willing to pay for, if necessary.”


Parent of Woogi Create subscriber

Puerto Rico Department of Education Pilot:


The Woogi English Pilot Program was implemented at the Escuela Nueva Elemental Urbana in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.The pilot was conducted for 30 instructional days.The sample group was compiled of 18 Kindergarteners and 13 First Graders who attended summer school and were designated as non-readers.Participating students were required to take the Woogi English Pre-Assessment, complete the scheduled weekly lessons, and take a Post-Assessment at the conclusion of the pilot.


The pilot results were impressive.After only four weeks of implementation, targeted students demonstrated an average of 38% growth between the Pre and Post Assessments, with Kindergarten students showing the highest overall gains. Students who spent additional time in Woogi English by logging in from home demonstrated an average growth of 42% between the Pre and Post Assessments, which is 4% higher than the average overall student growth.These results prove that accessing Woogi English outside the school day, even on a limited basis, directly impacts the students’ academic performance.


Included in the aforementioned pilot group were Luis and Gian, two boys in 1st grade, each diagnosed with severe Autism.According to their teacher, both Autistic students were low functioning as it relates to speaking and reading in their native language, Spanish.Additionally, neither of the boys would engage socially with their peers in classroom activities outside of the Woogi English lab.


It became quickly apparent that each of these Autistic students possessed a strong aptitude for using a computer.Each was able to navigate the daily lessons with little to no assistance.This observation is particularly interesting in light of the fact that all of the instruction in the lessons was provided only in English.More remarkable still was watching these two students become mentors to their fellow students who found navigating the course challenging due to the language barrier.Although the classroom teacher attested to the fact that these boys were socially introverted and never engaged with their peers, nonetheless, each was completely comfortable providing assistance to fellow students in this setting.


The performance of each of these students was exceptional.They remained on task and engaged in their lessons.Moreover, at the conclusion of their daily lessons, each student accessed Woogi World, the English speaking, social learning community where they easily interacted with other kids online in multi-player games and activities.


Just prior to the final week of the pilot, the mother of Luis, informed us that her son needed to complete the pilot early inasmuch as their family would be leaving the following week on vacation.Fortunately, her son had already worked ahead and would be able to complete all of the lessons prior to leaving.Because each of the students in the pilot who completed all of their assigned lessons were to be rewarded with a t-shirt and poster, we decided to award these items to Luis for having completed all of his work.Upon receiving his rewards and amidst the cheers and applause of his peers, Luis read out loud all of the text written on his poster.No small accomplishment for a boy who has been deemed severely low functioning in reading yet even more remarkable still is that the poster was written completely in English.


Although the Woogi English pilot in Puerto Rico did not specifically focus on students with disabilities, the results with these 2 Autistic boys, while amazing, are actually consistent with the research related to the use of technology in special needs populations.

The Program is 100% Free


We are funding the program through education grants, and all we need from you is verification that your child is using the program and you want to continue to use it.