In These Chaotic Times, We Will Become a Calming Influence in your Child's Life


We will become the official sponsors of your child's success

When you help a family solve a problem - you will be part of the family for life.


Your organization will become part of the team that is going to help that child be successful – now and in the future.


Not only will you become a part of that family's life as you help their child succeed, but your brand will have daily exposure to top notch kids and their families.


This is how you build a brand today and for the future in the multi-generational families that are looking for help in becoming successful.


The Audience: 


We are breaking down the 8-16 year old market into "school systems" - each with a high school and its feeder junior and elementary schools.


Each school system has an average of about 2500 students in total. There are about 20,000 high schools in the US, so about 50 million K-12 students total. 36 million of those are 8-16 year old students. 


Each student has on average about 4.5 family members (parents and grandparents and siblings - so 5.5 x 36 million = 198 million)


Each school system has about 14,000 students and family members.


The Corporate Partner program:


We have created a new and more impactful way for corporations to be a relevant part of solving a real need that families have. Each corporate partner will chose which schools they will support.


There will be an exclusive corporate partner selected in the following categories for each school system:

  • Creating wealth

  • Life Supplies

  • College

  • Health & Fitness

  • Mobile provider

  • Local sponsor

  • Emergency preparedness

  • Caring for the Planet

Each category will have a unique place in the apps that will be relevant and viewed each day by the students and their family members.


Each sponsor will pay a fee for their space in each school system that will deliver an extremely cost-effective price per family per year.


There is no other program out there that delivers the quantity and quality of user engagement for that price.


The first corporate partner to become a sponsor of one of the following categories, will have the first right of refusal on all future school systems that join the program.


The bank will help the student and their family learn how to earn and manage their money. If the student doesn't have a bank account yet, they will be guided through that process.

sponsor bank.jpg


There are things we need to purchase every day to keep our lives going. The retailer sponsor will be positioned as the "go to" place to spend as little time as possible getting the best deals out there.

sponsor Supplier.jpg


From the time the student is in primary school, they should be learning the importance of post-secondary education. The college that sponsors the child and their family will be the one that does this.

sponsor College.jpg


One of the 3 key pillars in our platform is getting healthy. This partner will not only provide online training, but also offline activities and teams to get active with.

sponsor Health.jpg


Our kids lives revolve around technology. The mobile partner will provide the AmericaU device and work with the parents to manage their first technology for good.

sponsor Tech.jpg


In each school system we will select one local sponsor that supports the kids and their families in achieving their success. 

sponsor success.jpg


In these days of uncertainty and challenges, its important to provide a daily reminder and training for the child and their family of the importance of being prepared financially and physically. Self-reliance is a critical life-skills that ensures a safe and productive experience, regardless of the outside forces.​ We will partner with government and other organizations to ensure the students and their families are trained and connected for emergencies.

sponsor Safety.jpg


We will partner with the leading organizations that are training and engaging students in the importance of caring for the planet and helping others become good stewards of the planet.

sponsor Planet.jpg