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Our "September Surprise" will be of utmost interest for every parent and grandparent who care about the future of their child.

The innocent children in America are being used as pawns by the left-leaning establishment and China – to further their objective to destroy America. Our children and grandchildren’s future are being thrown away to further a false utopian vision of socialism. 

Counteracting this attack on our children’s future, not only helps our children, but it also helps us win in Nov, take back control of education and our national security, and beat China on the world stage. 
Supporting our children now when they need us the most, is the single most impactful thing any parent or grandparent can do to save America.

It's Time we got to the Root of the Problems out there on our Streets...

Our kids are not Learning the Skills that help them be Good Americans that Realize the

American Dream

We will be organizing all the different parties who are invested in ensuring a GOP victory in November - talk radio hosts (, GOP battleground candidates, non-profits, advocacy groups, media, grassroots and think tanks.

Our solution not only takes care of the kids, but also helps the GOP win the election, while helping parents take back control of education (the culture), and America winning the war with China.

Each of these organizations will benefit from increased engagement of their supporters, expanding their base, and increasing their revenue.

Everyone wins - especially the kids and their families.

The Partner Opportunity

The trillion dollar education industry is the last massive industry to face a market disruption, and there’s a historic opportunity for conservative organizations to step in and become an “education distributor” and earn new revenue (% of tuition) that before wasn’t even on the table. We can immediately turn any conservative org into an education institution that will not only create new revenue streams, but will become a catalyst for the change we need to see in America today – by taking back control of the education of our kids.

The Main campaign objective of the September Surprise:

Provide an education solution to counteract the liberals strategy to shut down the economy and schools until the election. This is an education "counter-offensive" that can take back control of the education of our upcoming generations and capture the hearts of their parents and grandparents.

Here's the simple steps:


  1. Discuss the AmericaU Learning Pod                                                 program on your show (we will provide daily talking points and bulletins for you to follow if needed)

  2. As you discuss the program, give out your show's unique URL for your listeners to get engaged in taking back our country

  3. As those listeners register their kids or grandkids, or provide funds for scholarships, all users will be tracked to your program AND 40% of any funds provided will be paid back to your show as a donation

  4. You will also be given podcast content for the parents, grandparents and the kids to expand your digital presence

This program will change the way you do business and increase your impact on the survival of America.

In detail, here's how we solve many of our problems just by focusing on taking back control of our education:

  1. More votes in Nov - the school choice Moms - the DeSantis factor. Provide a “school choice for ALL kids” program that will motivate an additional 10% of the Black vote to go for the GOP – becoming a major factor in the re-election of President Trump

  2. A better educated generation - economic and social prosperity is the greatest tool we have to maintain our world power status with citizens that understand and appreciate the power and privilege of the American Dream

  3. More competitive with China - national security and the attraction of the American Dream around the world

  4. A real solution to racism - liberals who don't want kids back in school are hypocrites, as the low-income minorities are affected the most by not going back to school, thus decreasing their opportunities

  5. Take the wasted $15 Billion every year on Title 1 students and put that directly to their benefit with a program that helps them overcome the achievement gap – delivering what the law was originally intended to deliver

  6. Provide primary school age kids the opportunity to enroll in university or trade school to learn and experience the critical work skills of success

THE 2022 GOAL:

  • 20 million families enrolled in the free and premium version of AmericaU and learning how to live the American Dream




Using our AmericaU technology and channeling Title 1 funds to continue to develop more content and curriculum into the app (ie the Woodson Center's 1776 history and Violence Free Zones curriculum, the Mike Rowe SWEAT curriculum, virtual trade "junior apprenticeships" for primary schoolkids, the Kauffman Foundation Entrepreneurship for Kids curriculum, and many other great organizations that teach "American" skills not being taught in our schools). 

See the great work that Bob Woodson at the

Woodson Center (

has been doing in At-Risk communities for decades -

we're bringing this to millions more kids.

The Mike Rowe Works Foundation (Dirty Jobs -

has relentlessly spoken about the gainful

employment opportunities in the trades and

the 7 million open jobs. Their S.W.E.A.T. Pledge

is something we are integrating into our

Entrepreneurship training for kids.

The Kauffman Foundation (

started Global Entrepreneurship Week that has

20 million participants every year with over

20,000 organizations. We have integrated their

"kids entrepreneurship" curriculum into our platform. 

As we scale up our campaign, we will be donating to each of these organizations so they can continue and expand their great work.

See for more info

on the learning platform.

Our target audience will be the 50 million K-12 students and their families, and the 20 million college students plus their families.

Some of our partners and spokespeople:

Sam Sorbo: Homeschool advocate,

actress and Talk Show radio host

Bob Woodson: Civil rights veteran

and minority education rights








As Newt Gingrich says in a recent article:

“The United States is gradually grinding to an educational collapse as the giant bureaucracies and extraordinarily powerful teachers’ unions ignore children and education in pursuit of power.

The Chinese Communist Party must love the collapse of American education. Its members know there is no way we can compete with them in a high-tech world if our children can’t go to school.

Every day we fail to act, our children fall further behind their Chinese counterparts – and our survival as a free country becomes a little more endangered.”


To quote Bill O'Reilly:

“In Europe, 22 countries have allowed students to return to the classroom without any spike in Covid.  Did you know that?  If the answer is no, then you have once again been victimized by a dishonest American press which ignores facts that go against the anti-Trump narrative.

Many believe the kids are a key to the November election.  If schools cannot reopen, the psychological signal will be the pandemic has defeated the Trump administration.

In 2016, women voted for Hillary Clinton 54 to 42 percent. Today, the school issue is obviously very important to mothers and grandmothers because they tend to be closer to the urchin action on the ground. Most women want their kids back in school safely.”

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The Supporters

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What Your Listeners Can Do

CALL TO ACTION: Grandparents and parents need to step up to the plate and  take back control of education.

We will provide you a replicated website that will be your unique URL which will track all traffic you send there, back to you. Any purchases or donations will be tracked to you.

Your listeners will find the tools they need to do this quickly and easily.


We need to fix this problem - this is what Americans do. We've made it real simple - they can either provide a "university scholarship" at AmericaU for their grandchild, or for someone else's grandchild that can't afford it, OR they can just hand out your unique link that will allow others to do the same.​

  1. My Grandchild: for $500/yr (annual payment) or $50/month (monthly payment), we will ensure your grandchild learns the critical life-skills such as how to create wealth (entrepreneurship and trades), health, character and becoming a patriotic citizen. We will also improve the connection between you and your grandchild and help you become very relevant in their digital world. After your grandchild completes their first year of learning, we will provide you with $500 worth of stock in our company that you can gift to your grandchild to enhance their journey of wealth creation as they help increase the value of the company that is educating them.


  3. Someone else's Grandchild: we will do the same thing for someone else's grandchild with your generous scholarship donation to their education.


grandchild you help educate, we will add a Title 1

student to the scholarship on behalf of President

Trump and the GOP. There are 20 million Title 1

students (at or near poverty level) that do not get a

fair education. This is how we solve the "Black Lives

Matter" problem and others, by helping people help



You and your sponsored grandchild will become an active part of the solution that is speaking with their actions - by educating the upcoming generation.

BONUS #2 - the teenager life-skills training app for middle and high school students who need more life-skills, entrepreneurship, trades and real civics/history training. This app is currently in development and will be launched at the end of 2020. Every grandparent that sponsors our primary students will receive this game-based learning app at no additional cost for all of their teenage grandchildren. This is the app that will help straighten out your grandkids before they head off to college.

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The Solution


It starts today with funding your 7-12 yr old grandchild (or someone else's) to join the "AmericaU".

Choose which program you will contribute to our  grandchildren and our country.

The page below shows a sample purchase/donation page that will be on your radio station site that we provide:

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When you fund a scholarship for your grandchild, we take that very seriously and at any time if you or your grandchild are not satisfied with the program, we will refund 100% of the money back to you.

You will be able to see exactly (and in real time) how your dollars are benefiting the kids, their families and our country.

My Grandchild

  • One full year of tuition at AmericaU
  • A Certificate of Entrepreneurship from a leading University
  • You will recieve $500 of stock in the company that is educating your grandchild after they have completed their first year - and you can gift it to them if you like
  • Mentoring by trusted adults
  • An additional student (Title 1) the same age as your grandchild added as a team mate - your Grandchild becomes a mentor
  • Family connection app for you and your family to get involved in the education of your grandchild
  • Numerous rewards and incentives throughout the year
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Someone Else's Grandchild

  • Same benefits as above

Custom Donation​

  • Your donation will be distributed to kids who don't have grandparents funding their education. They will receive all the same benefits as if you were funding your own grandchild.
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