Schools Benefit Greatly


These are some of the areas where AmericaU can help your school or non-profit deliver better results:

  • More family involvement and engagement in the student's learning

  • Extended learning of about 30-60 minutes per day

  • Young students experience the feeling of success while they earn a college certificate - helping to put them on that path of staying in school and learning how to make a career

  • Learning that creates more relevance for the core subjects

  • A direct and immediate line of communication to the students and their parents

  • Teaching the kids the 21st century skills they need to know to be leaders in the workforce

  • Providing a daily routine of success habit development 

  • Providing a daily routine of problem solving practice

  • Connecting students with other students around the world

  • Providing connection to college mentors

  • Students that are trained to use techology properly to drive their success

  • Provide an emergency training and execution platform

  • A program designed specifically for the @risk students

  • Real-time assessment for all participating students

100% Free to the School


If the right technology is used early in the child's life, then it can help them break out of these disruptive cycles. 


This is the window of opportunity that we have to make an impact in that child's life and help them impact their family, community and country for good. 


We have a very unique and powerful complement to the Opportunity Zones that drives investment in human capital which attracts capital.


Once they turn 12 - it's too late.

AmericaU can Break the Cycle of Poverty and Dependence

Many @Risk kids are stuck in a cycle of poverty and underachievement. They need an "out" if they are going to break that cycle. Technology serves as the perfect "off ramp" to break out of their generational cycle. 

AmericaU Provides Training and Direct Communication in Times of Emergency


In times of national or even local emergencies, there is a need for government officials to have a direct line of communication to the general population where they can distribute critical information without having to go thru the "middlemen" and their agendas.

In the case of the Coronavirus, there is alot of information that needs to be distributed quickly and effectively to educate and prepare the masses to avoid panic and harmful mass responses. The daily tasks in AmericaU is where this will happen. It's a place where relevant content can be inserted for the daily consumption of the families. It's where those families are already in the habit of learning their little bit of "information" for that day.


Also in those extreme cases where schools are closed for whatever reason, the child can continue to learn and interact with teachers, classmates and peers around the world - the learning continues regardless of the circumstance.


Proper education is the key to solving alot of problems.

The Personal, Family and Societal Benefits


Develop Habits of Success

Success is determined by your habits. Good habits are formed through consistent, daily actions. We help make this happen.

Develop Critical Thinking Skills

The only way to be a good problem solver is to practice. Our daily riddle competition is a great and fun way to build good brain strength.

Better Connected to Family Members

Technology can be used to better connect family members. We help make those connections and provide other tools to monitor where the child is.

Better Connected to Grandparents

Technology has made the gap between generations even bigger - we use it to close that gap.

Better Connected to Peers

We are able to better connect local friends, as well as engage the child in the activities of the global village they are a part of.

Learn & Practice 21st Century Skills

Unfortunately traditional schools just don't have the time or resources to teach all the 21st century skills a child needs to be successful - we help out with that.

Become a Global Ambassador

The child is trained to be a leader amongst their peers in their global village, and supported as they learn to be a good, character based leader.

Experience College Success

Children experience the success and good feelings by working on a college certificate

Develop Healthly Habits

The best time to help someone develop healthy habits is when they are children - we do this as one of our 3 pillars of our Apps.

Develop Good Character

The best time to help someone develop good character is when they are children - we do this as one of our 3 pillars of our Apps. 

Learn How to Create Wealth

The best time to help someone develop the interest and skills of creating wealth is when they are children - we do this as one of our 3 pillars of our Apps.  

Learn How to Use Tech Responsibly

We need to be in control of technology and not let it control us. We need to learn to use it as a tool to enhance our life - not become our life. Those who learn these critical skills will be those that lead the rest of the pack.