Some of the Projects We've Worked on over the Years

Opportunity Zones

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Working with numerous Opportunity Zone organizations to provide Entrepreneurial education services to the kids and their families in disadvantaged communities. 

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US Dept of Justice - Cyberhero

Worked with the US Dept of Justice to create a digital literacy program in Woogi Create for primary school kids. Over 2 million students completed their Cyberhero certification without any teachers or classroom time. 

Numerous School Districts and Education Ministries in the US, China and Asia

Worked with many different school districts around the world providing our kid-driven, game-based Entrepreneurship learning platform. 

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Research Project with Harvard 

Managed a study with Harvard that did the research into the effectiveness of the Woogi Create learning platform with numerous school districts. 

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Entrepreneurship for Kids Curriculum Development

Worked with some of the leading non-profit organizations for Entrepreneurship education to gamify their content for kids in our game-based learning platform. 

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Fitness and Health Program

Created the first game-based learning platform designed to use technology to motivate kids to exercise and take care of their health. 

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Character Development Project

Worked with the leading character development foundation in the US to gamify their character content and provide it to the schools across the country. 


Financial Literacy Project

Worked with the Warren Buffett Secret Millionares Club and his partners to integrate into the national competition. 

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Created the Billion Minute Reading Challenge

Worked with leading education and publishing partners to create a national reading program where technology motivates kids to read books. 

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Aftershool and Smithsonian Curriculum Project

Worked with Boys and Girls Clubs to provide Entrepreneurship training, along with the gamified content from the Smithsonian. 

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Entrepreneurship, Health and Character Project

Worked with Puerto Rico Dept of Education and Intel to provide students with online learning over the summer.