Technology is a Double Edged Sword


It can be a “machine” that encompasses most everything we do - designed to get us to neglect what is important about life. It aggressively targets our kids, who are the most vulnerable and susceptible to addiction.




It can become a tool that enhances and further connects us to what is good in our lives, and helps us achieve better success for ourselves and those we are connected to.


Technology can either make or break our lives.


Our mission is to ensure we are the first ones to our kids with technology, that is designed to benefit them and those around them.

Technology Surrounds Us and Our Kids - Whether we Like it or Not


This encompassing "machine" is designed to get us to neglect what is important about life.

That machine is the technology and media that surrounds us 24x7.


Those who control that machine do not have the best interests of our families at heart. They want to addict us to their technology and become the force that determines what the upcoming generations think and do.


Technology is good when we adults in the room are in control of how its being used by our children - the upcoming generation. Since the beginning of time, parents and grandparents have been responsible for passing along their experience and taking responsibility for training up the next generation.

Technology can be used to enhance this training, but unfortunately, in the last 20 years, it has created chasms between generations by addicting them to their screens.

This needs to be reversed and we need to get control of how technology is impacting our children before it gets control of us. 


We need to take control of the "machine" - this means we need to start when our kids are 8 years old.

Helping Parents Take Control of Technology


Do it before it takes control of you

Parents today are faced with significant challenges presented by technology.


How they manage these challenges will have an impact on the future of their kids.


Parents pretty well have three choices:


  1. Just let their children use technology at whatever age their friends are using it, and hope it all works out,

  2. Cut them off from using technology until a certain "responsible" age of accountability, and then hope they will listen to the adults wanting to teach them how to use the technology properly,

  3. Give them the technology when you still have influence over what they learn (before 12 yrs old), and they are still open to learning. Then provide a controlled technology experience that lays the foundation for the rest of their lives. Take advantage of the time you are in control of how they develop the habits of technology and how it can be used for good. What kids learn before 12 yrs old, stays with them for the rest of their lives.

Ownership Drives Success


What drives the model’s success is ownership - ownership is the key:


1. Ownership of the smartphone

2. Ownership of their success



A very cost-effective $40 smartphone that is 100% controlled by the parent and able to be unlocked gradually over the years, based on the “learning and burning” performance of the child. How well is the child using the device to learn and how well are they using it to be physically active and healthy. They will view the phone as “theirs” – just as long as they do the things that are required to own it.


The phone is focused on 3 key learning areas of wealth creation, health and wellness, and good character. Each area of learning and activity being tracked and reported to the child and parents to show progress towards earning the phone. To learn more about the option of purchasing the actual "SuccessFone", go to




The continuous message to the child is you are in control of your future, you are responsible for your actions, you own your success. The platform uses the best of gaming and behavioral science and is the world leading platform to help 8-16 year old kids use technology to become great leaders of success.

Our message to the parents is you do not want raise your child without taking control of technology by the time they turn 8 – if you’re not in control by then, then someone else is. If someone else is controlling them, then they have lost ownership of their life.