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This education and mental health crisis we're facing, might just be an opportunity to create a better system that can take care of exponentially more kids and families than the current system is capable of.

Our mental health and education delivery systems are already crippled as the crisis continues to skyrocket.

The mental health impact of this global pandemic will be felt for generations if we don't proactively take action now to arm kids and their families with the habits and tools to take control of their emotional well-being and life.

Our program is designed to deal with anxiety, depression, suicide and addictions on a massive scale - before they become a problem.

We teach the skills to avoid or overcome the problems.

Supporting our children now when they need us the most, will not only help them, but also help our country work its way out of this crisis.

We are in an Unprecedented  Crisis and our Kids are Suffering.

Mental Health issues are Increasing like never Before.


We need a Solution that can Help alot more Families with alot less Resources. 

Our Solution is Kid and Family driven - and it Works.

We know how to motivate kids and their families to do things that will help them succeed. Over the years we've educated over 10 million kids around the world on how to create wealth, health, character, 21st century skills and how to be resilient. Harvard has researched our platform and published their findings that kids learn complex subjects better in our game-based platform, than in more traditional settings.


We are always monitoring the market to determine what demands there are for content that we can add to our game-based learning platform - content that will help families be successful. Due to this pandemic and the upcoming mental health crisis its causing, mental and emotional well-being is now at the very top of our list.

We have discovered mental health methods and programs that are showing exponentially better results than traditional programs, and know that we can make it even better by gamifying it for kids and their families. We make it work better AND it becomes extremely scalable without the need for traditional personal interaction with a specialist. To be clear, our intention isn't to replace face to face interactions with medical specialists - there will always be a place for that, but rather to create a program that can be used by the millions that won't have the luxury of a personal mental health therapist, and those that want to learn preventative mental health.

We are now working on the content that will help kids and their family members avoid or fix anxiety, depression and addictions. We can help create a resilience and immunity to those problems moving forward.


This is how we revolutionize mental health and help avert the upcoming humanitarian crisis.

Here's a summary of what AmericaU does and how it benefits the kids and their community. 

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Your Child is a Superhero

Here's how it all works.


When your child registers for AmericaU, they will become a superhero through their online avatar. They learn and master life-skills by developing their superpowers in the game and in real life.

The missions and activities are designed to tie the life-skills they are learning into various different superpowers.

The role of superheroes is one of the major ones while growing up. Every child has a favorite idol with supernatural abilities whose primary goal is to save the world from the evil that surrounds it.

Most parents consider this habit as a completely natural part of childhood, not knowing that this idolization actually holds much more relevance than simple admiration.

Certain studies have showed that superheroes have a significant role in children’s lives, especially when they are still quite young as it can greatly influence a child’s development process.

The Life Simulator

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The game is like Minecraft with critical life-skills learning built in. Its fun for the kids and provides real-time assessment and skills mapping for the teachers and parents.

These are the learning outcomes and components of the AmericaU platform:

Kids want to be in the game progressing as its relevant to them. This creates much greater learning capacity and long-term retention of skills.

There are 3 easy steps to make all this work:

  1. A child creates a login and password

  2. They become an "apprentice" superhero in the game

  3. They work and learn transformative wellness powers in the game which transfer to their real lives

Its as simple as this, and while the child is learning these transformative emotional skills, the parents and grandparents are supporting and learning alongside their children.

They are all developing good daily habits and practicing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills together.

The students will also be on a learning track to earn a post-secondary certificate in different subjects such as "Superhero", "Entrepreneurship", "Grit", "Communication", "Teamwork", etc.

Below is a sample of what the certificate will look like:

AmericaU parents app.jpg
Superhero certificate3.jpg

This type of experiential, self-guided learning is a great supplement and extended learning program to help schools and teachers deliver more results without taking any classroom or school resources.

AmericaU is a perfect complement to the great work schools and teachers are doing.

Some Testimonials

OUSD (California) Educators on Woogi:

"I've been testing and piloting the Woogi Academy programs for two years now both as the district media specialist for the Orange County Board of Education and now as 6th grade classroom teacher. I am also on the Executive Committee for the California School Librarians Association. With every Woogi product we've tested, and especially the Woogi English program, it has completely surpassed our expectations and delivered quantifiable results that far exceed anything else out there in the marketplace. I say with 100% confidence and knowledge that the Woogi learning environment is transforming how we teach our students – it delivers better results – at less cost."

Glen Warren – 6th grade teacher, McPherson Magnet School (Nominated California Teacher of the Year 2013)



"I wanted to share some good news with you... Since my ELL [students] have started going to Woogi World, they have gained an average of 150 points on the SRI (Scholastic Reading Index)!

"Student A: 600 > 810 (Lexile)

"Student B: 610 > 724

"Student C: 389 > 608

"Student D: 683 > 822

"Student E: 378 > 444"

 (student names redacted for the purpose of maintaining confidentiality of minors)


Maureen Robinson – 4th grade teacher, McPherson Magnet School

The Program is 100% Free


We are funding the program through education grants, and all we need from you is verification that your child is using the program and you want to continue to use it.