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We need to take a lesson from Amazon, Google and others who have used technology and new distribution models to disrupt industries.

We need to do something new that will leapfrog the establishment education, media and political systems.

We've built that new system that uses education, news and social media technologies designed specifically for families that want wealth, health and governments that respect and advance their freedom and pursuit of happiness.

Most Every Mom wants Her Family to be Wealthy, Healthy and Happy.

This is the key to Saving America...


We Organize these Moms and Help them Drive the Success of their Family, America, and their Legacy.

The family is under attack, along with our country. If we focus on protecting and strengthening our families, and do this on a massive national scale, we will also protect our country from the socialists that want to ruin it. The left controls education and the media, which are key assets in the fight over the attention and loyalty of the upcoming generations. 

  • Focus on prosperity for families and you will get the attention of most families around the world. Just as we saw in the Middle East agreements – most people put their own prosperity before anything else.

  • Everything starts with education – kids, adults and organizations act according to how they have and are being educated. We need to take back control of the education of the kids, their families and the organizations they align with. We know exactly how to do this.

  • There are 3 things that drive the actions of most families around the world – (1) building a good family that is (2) creating wealth and (3) good health. Once these needs are met, then whoever has helped them meet these needs, will have their undivided attention and loyalty. At this point you can engage them in civic engagement and help them become consumers of the right news and influencers on social media. They can become an army that grows in size and influence using existing and new social media platforms designed to meet the needs of the silent majority.

  • With an army of patriots, we will be able to influence the government officials in America and around the world, who fear the wrath of the majority – especially when it gets organized and vocal.

  • The message will be, "we just need to get through the existing administration and ensure they do as little damage to America as possible". 

  • Our goal will be to enlist over 50 million people in America who love freedom and prosperity. Using the education and social media tools available today, along with a leader such as Donald Trump – this is very possible.

  • We will introduce a new paradigm in education, news and social media – we first take care of your family by helping you create wealth and good health, and then we will help you engage politically and on the social media front.

  • Over the next 10-20 years the world will see the largest transfer of wealth in history – about $60 Trillion will be transferred from the retiring generation to the upcoming generations. Who that goes to will depend on whether liberals or conservatives are in power. Liberals want to take that money to redistribute, and conservatives want the families to keep control of their money and use it to their advantage.

  • This will create a nation of creators of prosperity, freedom and good governments. This nation will lead the world in its own path to freedom and prosperity.

  • We have a revenue model that will deliver about $1 Billion in funds to support the re-election of Donald Trump and the GOP in 2022 and 2024.

  • In 2024, Family First Moms will have the momentum and funding to put Donald Trump back in the White House and the GOP in control of the Senate and House, and deliver the greatest period of freedom and prosperity that America and the world has known.

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The Prosper Nation organization will be created. Its mandate will be to bring together families from around the world that want freedom and prosperity. Our main objective is “education” – taking back control of the education of our kids and their families – teaching them how to create wealth, health and taking control of the news and social media they consume and generate. If they are educated properly every day, they will govern themselves accordingly.

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The Highlights

The Details

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We take back control of the education of our children by offering the AmericaU ( learning platform that motivates kids to learn how to create wealth, health, good character and 21st century skills. It’s a supplement to what kids are being taught in school and an antidote to the false teachings or omissions in regular schools. AmericaU also has an app for the parents and grandparents of that child that helps them take a bit more control and get more involved in the education of their child or grandchild. Its also a perfect platform to start delivering small bits of education to the adults. Once that connection is made, then it becomes very easy to introduce other civic and social media platforms that they can use. 

The key to getting these families attention is to take care of theirs and their kids’ needs first, and then you will have their undivided attention. AmericaU has already been doing this for years and with millions of families around the world. 

Now with the undivided attention of the families, we can introduce a new paradigm in news (possibly partnering with Newsmax and Sky News Australia and others) and social media (possibly partnering with Parler and others). We can frame that information with relevant opportunities to generate wealth and increase their health. This ensures we are constantly aligned with the family’s primary needs (wealth and health) as we educate them on a daily basis.

At this point we can insert ourselves in the other relevant parts of their lives and engage them in the fight for freedom and prosperity.

Our goal is to get over 500 million people around the world to allow us to help them and their families be more successful. Each patriot will become part of an organized coalition in their own country to hold the lawmakers to account. Every day the Biden administration and their left wing media will get a message that we’re watching and the majority of the people in America (and its “adopted” families) do not agree with what you’re doing. (sidenote: with technology and a global economy, its now very possible to extend the American Dream to millions of families around the world, without them having to leave their own countries. Its an extended version of America).

In order to generate the revenue we need to run the operation and fund the Trump re-election SuperPAC, we will present the opportunity for 1 million or more conservative grandparents to fund their grandchild’s “university for kids” education at for an annual tuition of $500. Half of this will go towards operations and the other half will go to the SuperPAC. Over a 4 year time frame – that’s about $1 Billion going to the SuperPAC.

Not only do the grandparents help educate their grandkids, but they also become more relevant and connected to them as they try to leave their own legacy, along with supporting America’s legacy. We also help them to retain control over their wealth and its impending transfer. Considering the grandparents control about 75% of the wealth in the US – this is a significant number. We expect about 1 million of those grandparents out of the 70 million or so in the US, or the 90 million or so Twitter followers of the President - this isn’t a big stretch, considering that grandparents are already spending an average of $2000/yr on their grandkids.

These SuperPAC funds can also be used to support the right candidates in the 2022 election to ensure the GOP takes control of the house and increases their control in the Senate, while ridding itself of the irritating RINOs.

The Basic Program is 100% Free


We are funding the program through government funding and premium subscriptions, and all we need from you is a willingness to live and promote the American Dream - regardless of where you live.