We are starting a "moonshot" that brings together all available resources and organizations to provide equal opportunity to all OZ families to learn the skills of entrepreneurship, health, character, civics and job skills - all critical to realizing the American Dream.

Providing real and relevant education solves so many problems.

This helps those families AND it helps America become even better.

It's Time we got to the Root of the Problems in our @Risk Communities...

Our kids are not Learning the Skills that help them  Realize the

American Dream

Every Opportunity Zone has a "human" component that needs as much, if not more, investment than the bricks & mortar.

Our Opportunity Zones have suffered from poor education - which is largely the reason why they are now OZ's.

We now have the technology and self-driven learning models to go direct to our kids with a learning platform that will help those kids and their families learn the life-skills of success and take part in the American Dream.

We can do this on a scale never before imagined. There are 31.5 million people in the OZ's - we know how to get to the 4-5 million K-12 students and their families.

Getting these @Risk kids on the right track, not only changes their life, but also how well our country is doing.

The Solution

We’ve developed an app called AmericaU (over 10 million students and counting) that is a kid/family-driven, game-based “university for kids” that motivates them to learn wealth creation (entrepreneurship), positive health habits, virtuous character, life and trade skills. It’s specifically designed to go straight to the child and their parents/grandparents without requiring a school teacher or classroom.

We work with government, non-profit and for-profit organizations, and individuals to get the app out to the families.

In the early days of JFK’s presidency, he announced the country's  “Moonshot” – America’s commitment to be the first country to send a man to the moon. At the time, this idea was generally viewed as impossible. However, this ambitious endeavor ultimately united the country and became a catalytic mechanism that motivated people and organizations to venture out of their comfort zones.


Consequently, the American spirit of innovation, ingenuity, and patriotism led to the moonshot mission being accomplished.


We find ourself surrounded by some significant domestic problems. Nevertheless, we have the ability to solve them. We can unite the country around the creation of solutions to those problems. In other words, this can be our “Moonshot” moment - providing opportunities for all kids to learn how to realize the American Dream.

We leverage our AmericaU technology and channel Title 1 funds to continue to develop more content and curriculum into the app (ie the Woodson Center's 1776 history and Violence Free Zones curriculum, the Mike Rowe SWEAT curriculum, virtual trade "junior apprenticeships" for primary schoolkids, the Kauffman Foundation Entrepreneurship for Kids curriculum, Coding for Kids, and many other great organizations that teach "American" skills not being taught in our schools). 

See the great work that Bob Woodson at the

Woodson Center (https://woodsoncenter.org/)

has been doing in At-Risk communities for decades -

we're bringing this to millions more kids.

The Mike Rowe Works Foundation (Dirty Jobs - https://www.mikeroweworks.org/)

has relentlessly spoken about the gainful

employment opportunities in the trades and

the 7 million open jobs. Their S.W.E.A.T. Pledge

is something we are integrating into our

Entrepreneurship training for kids.

The Kauffman Foundation (www.kauffman.org)

started Global Entrepreneurship Week that has

20 million participants every year with over

20,000 organizations. We have integrated their

"kids entrepreneurship" curriculum into our platform. 

As we scale up our campaign, we will be donating to each of these organizations so they can continue and expand their great work alongside us in the OZ's.

See www.AmericaU.org for more info

on the learning platform.

Our model is extremely scalable and proven to motivate kids and their families to learn something that they’re not being taught in school or the media: how to realize the American Dream.

Our target audience will be the 4-5 million K-12 students and their families. Most of them will be Title 1 kids. They are part of the 20 million students who are currently allocated about $15 billion yearly for supplemental education. Our goal would be to get 1-3 million Title 1 kids funded in those OZs and learning how to be successful by working smart AND hard.

Changing the tragectory of the lives of a few million of our highest risk kids, will change the tragectory of this country.

For the Moonshot to be successful, funding is paramount. It’s undeniably a huge undertaking, but the funds need to be available to compensate the parties who are actually doing the work. Currently, the government is wastefully spending the funds on programs such as Title 1. We already qualify as a Title 1 program, but will work and lobby to get access to the funding "direct to the child" at the DC level before they are sent out to thru the many layers of beuracracy through the states. We can definitely manage and apply those funds with more accountability and effectiveness.

We will also receive funding from the capital investors in the Opportunity Zones. Their investments and public image will benefit greatly with a modest investment in building up the human capital in thier zone. We might recommend to every OZ fund and investor to allocate 1% of their funds to the OZ Learning Agency. That 1% will generate a great social and financial return.

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What Can You Do?


We've made it very easy for any government or school organization to participate in the distribution of the program. If they want to see the results and reports, they are able to do that throught the portal. Various different government organizations will be asked to participate in the funding of each student.


Businesses can partner in the distribution and management of the program and even contribute their expertise and resources to better prepare their future workers.


Individuals can donate to the scholarship fund (custom donation below) that will go to supplement any public and private funds.

The Solution



You will be able to see exactly (and in real time) how your dollars are benefiting the kids, their families and our country.

Custom Donation​

  • Your donation will be distributed to kids who don't have the funds for their education. They will receive all the same benefits of any of the other students.