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Education of our kids is in a crisis right now - they are falling behind the rest of the world - especially China.


This will destroy America as we know it. We are sitting idly by while our children and grandchildren’s future are being thrown away. 

Christian schools have a once in a lifetime opportunity to lead the US education system out of this crisis, while training up great moral leaders in the world.


There is a new mega-trend that is appearing - parents and grandparents have now lost confidence in the education system. They are realizing they need to be more responsible for the education of their child - they need to supplement the life-skills learning not only while their kids are in school, but also when they are not able to go to school - such as today.

Supporting our children now when they need us the most, is the single most impactful thing any parent or grandparent can do to save their child AND America.

Our Country and its Education System are in a Crisis.


This is the time for Christian Schools to Rise Up and Lead the Country in Teaching our Kids how to Lead in Chaotic Times. Our Country and World Need Them.

We are the adults in the room.​

We are responsible to train up the next generation to carry the torch of the "American Dream" and God's plan for the world.

From the looks of what we are seeing on our streets - we're seeing the results of decades of poor education - and its going to get alot worse, before it gets any better.

Christian schools already have a great foundation and with some added technology, content and learning models, we can become the undisputed leaders in education and preparing our kids to be moral leaders of the world.

Our AmericaU life-skills learning platform has already engaged over 10 million students in learning around the world - with no requirement for a teacher or classroom time.


It's like a supplemental university program for primary kids, that teaches entrepreneurship, health, character and civics, while adding more learning hours in the day.

It can also bring additional funds to your school, while using technology to connect families and engage those families more in your school.

The Christian School Opportunity

The trillion dollar education

industry is the last massive

industry to face a market

disruption, and there’s a 

historic opportunity

for Christian schools to

step in and become

the leaders in education.


They will attract more students and revenue that will help them lead the world in training kids to lead the world. 

Here's the simple steps:


  1. Run a free pilot in your school to get the first phase of students on board and generating data and enthusiasm

  2. Use our unique invitation program to inform the student's parents about the program and invite their grandparents to fund the annual tuition of their grandchild

  3. The annual tuition is $500 per family - the school will receive 40% of that to go towards their capital programs and the other 60% will go to managing AmericaU

  4. The parents and grandparents will receive the Daily Vitals app that connects and engages them in their child's learning, and presents the school as a significant part of that life-skills learning

  5. There will be opportunities to use the DV app to communicate with the family, as well as add content that you would like them to see

Here's the list of benefits of acting now while the window of opportunity is presenting itself:

  1. Add to your existing life-skills and ambassadorship learning by training the students how to create wealth, health, character and civics, and by connecting them with their peers around the world

  2. Use technology for good - to connect generations and engage in a more effective way with the grandparents - who control 75% of the wealth in the USA

  3. Create a new fundraising program that not only takes zero resources, but also delivers some significant benefits to the kids and school

  4. Extend the reach of your school's influence - for every Christian student that a grandparent funds, we will add a "Title 1 student" and a "student from India" to the Christian student's team. This not only helps the Christian student become a mentor to the other students, but it also helps the At-risk kids get a better education (the solution to the whole BLM movement), and creates stronger foreign connections with our upcoming generations (counteracts the China Belt Road Initiative)

  5. Your primary school age students will be able to start earning a university certificate while they are still in primary school. They will also be able to experience different trades and become an Jr Apprentice in trades that are begging for workers

  6. A better educated generation - economic and social prosperity is the greatest tool we have to maintain our leadership on the world stage and the attraction of the American Dream to millions around the world

The Supporters

See for more info

on the learning platform.


Using our AmericaU learning platform and continuing to develop more content and curriculum into the app (ie the Woodson Center's 1776 history and Violence Free Zones curriculum, the Mike Rowe SWEAT curriculum, virtual trade "junior apprenticeships" for primary schoolkids, the Kauffman Foundation Entrepreneurship for Kids curriculum, and many other great organizations that teach kids how to be moral leaders). 

See the great work that Bob Woodson at the

Woodson Center (

has been doing in At-Risk communities for decades -

we're bringing this to millions more kids.

The Mike Rowe Works Foundation (Dirty Jobs -

has relentlessly spoken about the gainful

employment opportunities in the trades and

the 7 million open jobs. Their S.W.E.A.T. Pledge

is something we are integrating into our

Entrepreneurship training for kids.

The Kauffman Foundation (

started Global Entrepreneurship Week that has

20 million participants every year with over

20,000 organizations. We have integrated their

"kids entrepreneurship" curriculum into our platform. 

As we scale up our campaign, we will be donating to each of these organizations so they can continue and expand their great work.

Our target audience will be the 50 million K-12 students and their families, and the 20 million college students plus their families.

Some of our partners and spokespeople:

Sam Sorbo: Home and Christian school advocate,

actress and Talk Show radio host

Bob Woodson: Civil rights veteran

and minority education rights

advocate - he is bringing great

civics content and access to the 

At-Risk kids:







As Newt Gingrich says in a recent article:

“The United States is gradually grinding to an educational collapse as the giant bureaucracies and extraordinarily powerful teachers’ unions ignore children and education in pursuit of power.

The Chinese Communist Party must love the collapse of American education. Its members know there is no way we can compete with them in a high-tech world if our children can’t go to school.

Every day we fail to act, our children fall further behind their Chinese counterparts – and our survival as a free country becomes a little more endangered.”

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What Your Families Can Do

CALL TO ACTION: Grandparents and parents need to step up to the plate and  take advantage of this opportunity to put their child's education and their Christian school in a leadership position in education.

We will provide you a replicated website that will be your unique URL which will track all people you send there, back to you. Any purchases or donations will be tracked to you and your student.

We need to fix this problem - this is what Americans do. We've made it real simple - they can either provide a "university scholarship" at AmericaU for their grandchild, or for someone else's grandchild that can't afford it, OR they can just hand out your unique link that will allow others to do the same.​

  1. My Grandchild: for $500/yr (annual payment) or $50/month (monthly payment), we will ensure your grandchild learns the critical life-skills such as how to create wealth (entrepreneurship and trades), health, character and becoming a patriotic citizen. We will also improve the connection between you and your grandchild and help you become very relevant in their digital world. 


  3. Someone else's Grandchild: we will do the same thing for someone else's grandchild with your generous scholarship donation to their education.


grandchild you help educate, we will add a Title 1

student to the scholarship on behalf of your school.

There are 20 million Title 1 students (at or near poverty

level) that do not get a fair education. This is how we

help solve the "Black Lives Matter" problem and others,

by helping people help themselves. 

On your behalf, we will also add a student from India to your child's team.


You and your sponsored grandchild will become an active part of the solution that is speaking with their actions - by educating the upcoming generation and leading in a Christ-like way.

BONUS #2 - the teenager life-skills training app for middle and high school students who need more life-skills, entrepreneurship, trades and real civics/history training. This app is currently in development and will be launched at the end of 2020. Every grandparent that sponsors our primary students will receive this game-based learning app at no additional cost for all of their teenage grandchildren. This is the app that will help straighten out your grandkids before they head off to college.

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It starts today with funding your 7-12 yr old grandchild (or someone else's) to join the "AmericaU".

Choose which program you will contribute to our  grandchildren and our country.

The page below shows a sample purchase/donation page that will be on your unique school site that we provide:

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The Solution

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When you fund a scholarship for your grandchild, we take that very seriously and at any time if you or your grandchild are not satisfied with the program, we will refund 100% of the money back to you.

You will be able to see exactly (and in real time) how your dollars are benefiting the kids, their families and our country.

My Grandchild

  • One full year of tuition at AmericaU
  • A Certificate of Entrepreneurship from a leading University
  • You will recieve $500 of stock in the company that is educating your grandchild after they have completed their first year - and you can gift it to them if you like
  • Mentoring by trusted adults
  • An additional student (Title 1) the same age as your grandchild added as a team mate - your Grandchild becomes a mentor
  • Family connection app for you and your family to get involved in the education of your grandchild
  • Numerous rewards and incentives throughout the year
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Someone Else's Grandchild

  • Same benefits as above

Custom Donation​

  • Your donation will be distributed to kids who don't have grandparents funding their education. They will receive all the same benefits as if you were funding your own grandchild.
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