Our Experience


This changes the game in parenting and being a teenager


There are about 200 million people that are part of the families of the 8-16 year olds in this country. Most of those people are being negatively affected by the "smartphone". 


These parents and grandparents are looking at mobile devices as the enemy - a device that is stealing away the attention and time of their child -  while the teenage kids use it as their escape from reality.


We saw the need to create a new type of mobile device that will teach critical life-skills and connect kids and their parents and grandparents to what is good in life. All the good, without the bad. It's called the SuccessFone.


Over the last number of years we have invested millions of dollars into developing the technology and science, and working with over 10 million kids around the world and millions of their parents to create the biggest innovation since the first iPhone was created. We've literally taken the "bad" of technology and turned it into a guaranteed positive factor in a child's and their family's success.


The SuccessFone is what us responsible adults have always wanted technology to do.


It's a "locked down" smartphone for the kids that teaches critical life-skills such as how to create wealth, health and good character, and helps all family members connect better as they learn to control technology.


This extremely cost-effective platform will create a whole new type of mobile service for the general population – it will become the official mobile platform for their child’s success.



We've Been Around the Block

We are Family Education and Technology experts that have engaged millions of families around the world and helped them use technology to make their families, schools and communities successful. 


We have delivered millions of learning hours to kids and their families around the world. We've figured out a thing or two.

The Team

We are a team of about around 40 experts in game-based learning, wealth creation, health and wellness, 21st century skills and good character development.  We have provided learning to a total of 10 million K-6 students over the years.


We have come together to create the world's largest and most impactful global learning community for kids and their families. We help kids make the world a better place by becoming better themselves


We Use Tech to Help Families Succeed

Raise the best kids.


Become better parents.


Connect with grandparents.


Do good things while on a screen and achieve the right balance between the screen and real life.

We have the solution for the family – it’s called AmericaU, which is powered by our selected learning, child management and training apps that motivate kids and their families to learn how to create wealth, be active and healthy and learn great character, and to control technology rather than it controlling them. 

Our goal is to enroll 5 million new AmericaU students over the next 5-10 years – mainly coming from the 7-14 year old market. Go to www.5x2030.com for more details.

AmericaU will become synonymous with helping parents around the world help their kids succeed.

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