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This education and mental health crisis we're facing, might just be an opportunity to create a better system that can take care of exponentially more kids and families than the current system is capable of.

Our mental health and education delivery systems are already crippled as the pandemic continues to disrupt in an unprecedented way.

There are experts out there that say this is just a "warm-up" to what we'll be seeing around 2030. We will see a perfect storm of automation, longer life-spans and a projected 25% umemployment - resulting in alot of social unrest.


This is likely if we keep doing what we're doing, But if we start now preparing our children for this by teaching them resilience, entrepreneurship and other critical 21st century skills, then we can deliver a massive number of workers and college students who are prepared and battle-ready to turn this trend around.

Supporting our children now when they need us the most, will not only help them, but also help our country work its way out of this crisis and the ones to follow.

We are in an Unprecendented  Crisis and our Kids are Suffering.

Mental Health and Quality of Learning are the most Urgent Priorities.

But the Experts (like Bain & Co) are Predicting a Nightmare Employment & Social Unrest Scenario in 2030 that will make Today look like the Warm Up Act. 

Our Solution Solves Today's Issues while Averting the 2030 Disaster.

We know how to motivate kids and their families to do things that will help them succeed. Over the years we've educated over 10 million kids around the world on how to create wealth, health, character, 21st century skills and how to be resilient. Harvard has researched our platform and published their findings that kids learn complex subjects better in our game-based platform, than in more traditional settings.


We are always monitoring the market to determine what demands there are for content that we can add to our game-based learning platform - content that will help families be successful. Due to this pandemic and the upcoming mental health crisis its causing, mental and emotional well-being is now at the very top of our list (the current issue) -PLUS preparing our kids for a job market that will be automated and rapidly changing and even hostile (the future issue).

If we don't proactively work now to prepare our kids for this new world - it will result in chaos. Click here to view the report from Bain & Co and commentary by John Mauldin.

If we want different results we need to change the way we're doing things - not just put a bit of window dressing, or more funding or whatever - we need to change the way we're preparing our kids for the future. 

This is not only critical for their success, but also those of us who will be retired and hoping for an economy that will be prosperous and free.

School Choice or Life Choice?

It's about much more than School Choice. Certainly a parent's right to choose the best school for their child is important for their success, but there are so many more factors that the parents need to add to their child's education in this day and age.


We help bring those factors into the child's life through our kid-driven, game-based platform that only takes 30-60 minutes a day and motivates them to learn the following skills:

The best way to get to "school choice" which is very political and polarizing, is to make it a part of a broader "life choice" which most every parent and educator can agree on.


Why is this such a different way to educate our children?


The fact that its kid-driven, experiential and based on relevance for that child and the future job market, goes a long ways to revolutionizing how that child prepares for their future.

The Guarantee

Think of the "life choice" program as a form of "life success insurance" that helps families do the things that need to be done to ensure their children's success. 

Even though the program will be free to Title 1 and SPED students, AmericaU will be funded by the government education funds. Our guarantee to the parents and those organizations that fund us, is if after the 10 year period, the child is not experiencing the measures of success, we will refund 100% of the funds, plus interest, back to the government.

If we're receiving $500/yr per student, then the refund will be around $7000. This will motivate us and the parents who want their child to be successful, to do all that it takes to make that happen.

Approaching Parents

We're working with alot of different government, non-profit and corporate organizations​ that have relationships with parents and who are willing to work with us to get this free program to those families.

We will create different sites to get them engaged. Here's an example - CLICK HERE