The Pandemic has Changed our World...

  • Education is being Disrupted (Parents now have to take more responsibility)

  • An Economic Crisis & Increased Poverty (World Bank is projecting an additional 150 million people will be pushed into poverty by 2021)

  • Trade Relationships are Deteriorating (ie the $1 Trillion in US/China trade is looking for a new home)

Social Entrepreneurs can help solve all three issues. By teaching the upcoming generations how to create wealth while solving social issues - we will be able to reverse these trends by creating opportunities for all to succeed.

Our goal is to train 50 million Social Entrepreneurs around the world by 2030 - starting with primary school students and their families (12 million in India, 10 million in Africa, 8 million in Latin America, 8 million in Southeast Asia/Australia, 5 million in USA, 5 million in the EU/UK and the remaining 2 million from Japan).


We can do this in our kid-driven, game-based learning platform - already having served over 10 million students and counting.

The US economy needs at least 5 million new Social Entrepreneurs who will change the trajectory of the country over the next 10 years.

Those Entrepreneurs will work with their peers around the world to reverse the economic crisis, and the increase in poverty - while becoming the most effective trading partner in the world.

We start to train them in Primary School. For pennies a day they learn the life-skills of how to be a Wealth creating Social Entrepreneur, equipped with 21st century job and life-skills.

Learning How to be Resilient, Healthy and Prosperous in a Chaotic World

We have developed a world leading kid-driven, game-based learning app that motivates primary school kids and their families to develop resilience and learn entrepreneurship, health, character, civics and other critical 21st century life, work and trade skills.


All of this learning can happen in 30-60 minutes per day without the need for a classroom or teacher. We’ve spent the last 8 years teaching over 10 million kids and researched by Harvard to provide you and your child/student with what you need right now to keep learning and prepare them for a very different future.


We have changed the dynamics of education:

  • Every child can spend an extra 30 mins/day in our game-based learning community learning the critical life and job skills of success

  • This new "learning village" they become a part of will support them, their families and communities regardless of whether they are back in school or still at home

  • This helps parents take back control of the critical parts of their child's success

  • Family engagement - we have revolutionized how technology can be used to connect generations and become a catalyst for good

AmericaU has been designed for the kids, their families, their schools and this crisis - we just need to act.

The Life-Changing Learning Certificates (samples) that the kids will earn as they play in the game for 30 or so minutes per day:

These are the new CTE careers that replace the outdated ones that were created decades ago. Things have and will continue to change...

Our New Announcement:

Parent Courses from edX...

Harvard course.jpg
MIT course2.jpg

We are now officially working with edX - the world's largest provider of university courses from the top universities such as Harvard and MIT. Now the parent or grandparent can learn alongside their child and complete courses from some of the best universities in the world. Click on the selected courses above for more information.

Just imagine, you and your child learning together from the best of the best.

An overview of how the Apps power the AmericaU learning platform.